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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 7, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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please remember, the spin stops here, because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. -- >> sean: anointed one celebrated the labor day holiday on the stump. he went off teleprompter to complain about his many critics. >> the president: they talk about me like a dog. that's not in my prepared remarks, but it is true. >> sean: they talk about me like a dog? you are probably a jimi hendrix fan from the song "stone free." >> they talk about me like a dog ♪ talk about the clothes i wear ♪ but they don't realize they're the ones who's square ♪
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>> sean: anointed one should be spending less time listening to jimi hendrix, more time on the economy. throwing money is the only solution so far. another 50 billion dollars to improve our infrastructure. >> the president: we're talking roads, bridges, dams levees, also a smart electric grid that can bring clean energy to new areas. broad band internet so everybody is plugged in. we are talking about high speed rail lines to compete in the 21st century economy. i want to get down from milwaukee down to chicago quick! [ applause ] >> the president: avoid a traffic jam. this is a plan that will be fully paid for. it will not add to the deficit over time. >> sean: only thing that is missing is howard dean going rah!
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he has passed several spending bills it began with the 814 billion dollar stimulus. then a 26.9 billion dollar financial overhaul masterminded in part by countrywide senator chris dodd. 34 billion dollar unemployment bill. last month 26.1 billion dollars in aid to state governments. those bills left us with 9.6% unemployment. somehow the president thinks spending 50 billion dollars more is going to turn the economy around. joining me with analysis from the fox business network, host of varney & company, stuart varney and dana perino. dana, my critics talk about me like a dog. >> yeah, even listening to that again, it reminds me of when you watch figure skating on television and you watch somebody fall. and it makes you wince and you feel bad for them. that's how i feel when i watch
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that. >> sean: why? >> because presidents should expect criticism. you know the saying never let them see you sweat? he's letting people know his critics are getting to him. there's part of me that wonders now that he's realized that governing is much harder than campaigning or than being a critic would he want to amend any of his words that he used to describe president bush or that he continues to describe president bush. unfortunately for him the tone seemed very under presidental. >> sean: i thought i would hear howard dean scream rah! >> that's not a good imitation. putting aside the comment he can't take criticism which we have known for a long time. another 50 billion dollars in spending. at some , the level of tone-deafness, i can't comprehend this. >> desperation. the president has had two terrible weeks of very bad
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economic news. now down goes his polling numbers. he hasn't got a plan. he scrambles to get something together and come up with another spending bill. we have spent a trillion dollars and we end up with a lousy 1.6% growth rate. 9.6 unemployment. what do we get from this desperate president? more of the same. spend another 50 billion dollars on so-called infrastructure. union money that's where that money is going to go. >> sean: gatherer in rick ballot, -- generic ballot, enthusiasm gap 20 point advantage for the republicans if you look at nbc "wall street journal" this was the scariest poll that i saw 2/3 of the country now think our nation is in a state of decline. these are frightening numbers. i don't think 50 billion dollars more is going to help the president. >> it goes beyond the
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political. i've always been a little bit of a -- not a pessimist but cautious optimist about republicans' chances in the fall. they have to show meat behind the bones. put some meat on the bones when it comes to their policies. but these numbers are very troubling. when you have numbers like that in polls like the mainstream polls that you were just describing, you know you've got a serious problem. i don't think they have time to turn it around. usually in an election year people's feelings start to solidify after labor day. i don't think they are going to have anything big. when he talked about 150,000 miles of road that might be fine but they are not going to happen before november. >> sean: if dick morris is right those that are undecided are going to break away from the democrats. that poll 2/3 of the country thinks we are in a steam decline stuart, if you couple that with his approval rating now on the economy and the
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handling of the economy is 39%. those numbers, 56 days out of election are devastating. >> you can't turn them around dana is right. you cannot turn them around in 50 odd days. i disagree with dana a little bit. >> sean: what a shock. >> i think the republicans have put some meat on the bones of what they propose. they are saying stop the spending that's what voters are saying too. they are saying extend all tax cuts. don't burden us down with more regulation. we are -- they are calling for a one year moratorium on new regulation. i i think that is meat on the bones. i don't think the voters want another stimulus -- >> sean: peter orszag is now saying, the former head of the omb under obama. >> democrats are split on the issues of taxes and also on health care reform. look at ron widen out of oregon saying watch out, not
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gonna apply that mandate in oregon. >> i see your point gentlemen, make sure to watch minority leader boehner tomorrow morning on "good morning america" i think -- remember they said, the last few weeks they've been saying they will have more to say come september, i think tomorrow could be the beginning of that. >> sean: he was on last week, he said september 15th. i think they are going to come out with something similar. which i'm calling for. i think this will instill confidence and hold these republicans accountable, if it is on paper and if they sign their name to it. 34 democrats now running against health care. there's no democrat that voted for the health care bill or the stimulus that i know -- >> i follow the economy, and business there's a tendancy to assume that's the ma juror o'juror issue that's why -- that's the major issue that's why the president is down in the polls. it is health care, the president attacking arizona, the mosque, apologizing to our
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enemies. it is the weak response to the oil spill. it a trillion dollars added to the deficit every year. add up all of the above and you have a disastrous tailspin for the president. >> sean: what they are doing is governing -- politicians usually have the sense of self-preservation. they won't govern against the will of the people this is the only administration i think that see flagrantly goes against the will of the american people on every major issue >> desperate and out of touch. >> sean: good to see. dana we miss you. >> i'll be there next week. >> sean: time for our tuesday text voting. do we need another stimulus bill? text us at 36288 type: we reveal the results at the end of the show. stay tuned. stay tuned, there's plenty more hannity, straight ahead. >> the president: they have not come up with a single
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solitary idea that is any different from the policy of george w. bush. >> sean: will these blame bush strategy payoff in november? frank luntz has the answer, next. >> of course we have to get our border secured anybody who doesn't think so come to arizona. >> sean: senator mccain challenges president obama to visit the border. jan brewer and former imam sticking up for opponents of the ground zero mosque. much more straight ahead.
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sean health care reform was supposed to be the crown jewel of the president's domestic agenda. democrats who voted for it are running scared. out of the 219 house democrats who supported the bill guess how many have released ads highlighting their vote? zero. by contrast 34 house democrats who voted against the bill have issued ads, ouch. we continue with frank luntz, straight ahead.
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>> sean: with the midterm elections 56 days away, three new generic ballot polls show gop increasing lead over democrats in record numbers. only one shows a tie. according to the latest cnn poll the gop leads democrats 52-45 up three points from last month. rasmussen has republicans up by 12 points leading 48-36. new abc/"washington post" poll has likely voters favoring republican candidates over their democratic counterparts 53-40. 13 point lead marks the widest gop margin on record for the poll since 1981. what are the democrats to do?
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maybe they will fall back on their blame bush line. new poll shows that may not work. americans don't think the former president's economic policies are making a return. nbc/wall street poll shows 58% don't think a republican control congress will return to bush's economic policies. gallup has democrats tied with the gop on the generic ballot question at 46%. here to make sense of all of these numbers is pollster, president of theworddoctors, frank . welcome back. >> what they are not talking about, what viewers can't see at home is the demographic break down. barack obama is popular among 18 to 29-year-olds. yet they have significantly less likely attitude about voting. much less interested in politics many conversely the people who are most angry with president obama voters age 60 and older.
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you have to beat them away with a stick, they are going to vote. that's going to make the spread wider. >> add two other factors, intensity, obviously with the conservatives and republicans. secondly, he's lost independents in record numbers, as we saw in massachusetts, virginia and new jersey. any way he can get those voters back? >> the problem is that he's asking his congressional leadership to bring knows voters back. nancy pelosi is one of the most unpopular political figures across the spectrum. particularly among independents she is seen as so partisan, so ideological and out of the political mainstream. the challenge for the democratses is not just to runaway from barack obama it is nancy pelosi that so many americans are sending a message to. that so many americans are fed up with. >> sean: i would be negligent if i didn't ask you, the president saying critic -- critics talk about me like a dog.
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by the way that wasn't in my teleprompter. i heard that yesterday and i'm thinking what is the president thinking buy being so sensitive? >> well, i'll tell you something. as tough as critics have been against barack obama, they were far tougher against george w. bush. they would go to vents, throw things, interrupt, disrupt to the point where president obama was in some cases, there was a challenge to get through the speech. you don't see that with barack obama's vents. look at parts of the country that are turning against this administration and the democratic party. pennsylvania, ohio, you have an ad there, ohio is one of the key bellwether states and they've had it with the democratic party. >> kasich has pulled ahead by a significant margin. let's run the an ad attack governor strickland. >> 1,250 jobs, gone. >> ncr? >> jay strickland couldn't
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hold on. >> we lost 400,000 jobs under strickland. >> got to be a world record. strickland doesn't get the jobs done. >> sean: high marks both sides. >> unprecedented republican governor's social ad against ted strickland. you never see a negative ad score so well among republicans and democrats. it didn't matter. they listened to the ad. that last sentence, i wonder when ours will go? something every american is thinking now. when is it going to be my job on the line despite a trillion dollars of stimulus, despite bailouts of these companies. >> sean: and 1 in 10 americans are risking foreclosure. i don't want to cut you off, i just mentioned there are 34 democrats running ads against
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pelosi, obama, against health care, no democrats voted for obamacare is running an ad saying i voted for obamacare, i voted for the stimulus. let's run this ad. >> announcer: page 30 of the melt care bill a government committee will decide what treatments you page 58, the government will have real-time access to individual's finances. page 59, government will have direct act stows bank accounts for electronic funds transfer this is real this is now. fight back in november 2010. >> sean: low numbers. >> lower numbers because it was so dramatic, so powerful, it is frightening. here's something viewers should understand. what is in that ad is accurate, it is true it gives the page number and the specifics. when we ask people why did you dial it so low? they were so frightened.
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56 days to go the reason why democrats aren't talking about health care is that ad. they are frightened about the details in the legislation. >> sean: that's why republicans need to run on repealing it. back to what we said in the last segment, 2/3 of the nation in this poll say they think america is in the -- is in decline. that ought to be the biggest warning sign to every politician. >> and i want to make an offer to the viewers. if they want to dial these ads, get involved and participate one of your focus groups, go to the website they can sign up, because we are going to be in a city near you in the next 56 days. >> sean: frank luntz. for more polls, midterm news, all can be found when you head over to plenty more hannity coming your way. i'd love the president to
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visit the border. unfortunately, he hasn't had time to do so. >> sean: will the president accept senator mccain's invitation? we'll have ask governor brewer, next. >> just because you have the right to build a mosque, does not make it trite build at ground zero. >> sean: opponents of the mosque accuse of being islam phobic. one former imam here. a cnn host says americans over react to the 9/11 attacks. hannity continues, straight ahead. insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance.
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. of course we have to get our borders secured anybody who doesn't think so come to arizona. i would love for the president to visit the border. unfortunately, he hasn't had time to do so. >> sean: that was senator
9:25 pm
mccain this weekend inviting president obama to visit the still struggling arizona border. an invitation that has thus far been ignored. the administration standing by its declaration earlier this year that the border is secure. >> i knee border, i think as well as -- i know that border, i think as well as anyone. it is as secure now as it has ever been. >> sean: really? clearly the white house has not seen our report on this issue. >> reporter: you haven't seen any border patrol and you won't there's nobody watching. >> reporter: rancher drives this road daily. what he sees is not what washington says. >> secretary napolitano says that the border has never been more secure. yet you have ranchers in arizona saying we've anyone seen it any worst, what is right? >> statistically, she right. honestly she is wrong. >> reporter: unlike heavily fortified border cities, yuma,
9:26 pm
san diego areas in between are not. while it is true the number caught is down doesn't mean the board secure. >> sean: this disconnect is why arizona has taken matters into its own hands led by governor brewer who signed the state's immigration bill into lieu. while parts have gone into effect. the obama administration continues to file new lawsuits to prevent its enforcement. here with an update on the border battle, the woman2ee who refuses to back down. are par governor jan brewer, welcome back. let's go back to what janet napolitano -- she had a different take years ago when she was heading up arizona. she now saying i know it as well as anyone it is secure now as it has ever been is that a factual, truthful statement? >> no, that is not a factual statement. bottom line is, they can give all the statistics, all data they want. it is the facts on the ground that count. anybody that has been paying
9:27 pm
any kind of attention to our borders they realize they are not secured. we have an enormous amount of illegal immigration. we've got drug cartels coming across. it is out of control. it is simply out of control. we are grateful that we received a few more national guard for a short period of time. and some border patrol. but that's for a year. we need our borders secured, we need our fence built and we need the federal government to stand up and do their job. we are not going to back down. sean, it is unbelievable that we as a state, a small state at that, that we have to sit here and defend ourselves from the violence coming across the border and from the statements being made by our federal government. not only don't they protect us, but they sue us. >> sean: you met with the president, you invited him to come to the border. we just heard from senator mccain, open invitation to go
9:28 pm
down there. he told what in the white house when you invited him to see for himself? >> , he said that he -- well he said that he would like to do that but didn't know if he would be available. the same when i kept asking with a meeting with him that his schedule was too busy. but he did meet with me. it was a donnybrook it was -- i'm telling him one thing and he's telling me the other. the people -- no he's never been to our border, never. >> sean: any further contact with you and the president or the white house over your invitation over the status? they filed the lawsuit,3gsyí judge's ruling. you are battling back. any contact whatsoever? >> no, absolutely not. >> sean: let me ask you, they've taken it a step further. i guess america's favorite sheriff, pink underwear, tent city, lenny sandwiches our
9:29 pm
good friend joe arpaio, now they are going after him. what do you make of the lawsuit or the attempt to make his life miserable? >> the bottom line is we are believing that the federal government is after arizona and they are going after everybody. they don't want to do their job. so they just start filing k what if they attacked our border, a lot of these issues would go away. sean politically, i don't think your poll numbers have been higher. the people of arizona agree with you. there are 20 governors now running they want to implement laws like the one you've implemented. there are other states that have almost verbatim the same law that you have but they've not gone after those states. r. >> one. what do you make of the selective moral outrage in this case? >> it is offensive.
9:30 pm
pretty aggravating, considering that you know, there are other states that have or are going to implement the same basic law. the bottom line sean is that it mirror -- it mirrors the federal law, my goodness. same issue turning it over to the human rights committee at the u.n. why done they turnover their law to the united nations. i'm tired of fighting the feds, their tactics, but i won't give up. arizona won't give up. we are going to keep arizona safe. >> sean: a lot of people have come up with their own theories as to why they think this is happening. what do you think? do you think this is about politics? do you think this is about vote gathering? did you think this is, you know, breaking people into demographics? that the democrats have calculated this will help them with the hispanic vote in the country? >> all of the above. it is obvious what is taking
9:31 pm
place. it is all politics in regards to how they are behaving, there's no excuse for it. it is like the unions, the bottom line the unions are at the white house more than . they are running our country. >> sean: governor, always a pleasure, thank you, pleasure chait it. >> thank you for your support sean. >> sean: you bet. coming up latoyia figueroa reveals what he -- louis farrakhan is saying there is a rise of race the country.
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>> sean: al gore has been honored in los angeles for the first time in that city's history a school was named after a former vice president. one small problem with the location of carson gore academy of environmental sciences. according to the "l.a. times" the school has been built on toxic land. keep in mind those health risks are in addition to the harm that watching gore's movie can cause students. we are back in two minutes. ♪ ...honor... ♪ ...and trust. an unspoken bond that, while common among men... ♪ exceedingly rare among companies. the ram 60-day handshake.
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to find out more. >> sean: the ground zero mosque remains a national question bait. critics of the project continue to be branded as islam phobic. now adding to the volatile discussion is the too familiar instigator minister louis farrakhan. last week with other muslim leaders he said the controversy had more to do with race, adding opponents
9:36 pm
were trampling on the constitution. >> when you want to toy with that document, and file it because you don't like muslims or you don't like mexicans or you don't like blacks or you don't like people of color, well if, if you include us, as your citizens, fellow citizens and you tax us and you call us to war, you're tearing up your book and if it continues you will end this great republic. >> sean: here with reaction to the growing complexity of this debate is former imam abdul rock manned muhammad. getting lectured about discrimination from louis farrakhan, judism, gutter religion, white man
9:37 pm
skunk of the earth. it is a little pathetic, isn't it? >> he's doing what louis farrakhan does best, which is race-bait and racialize everything that he puts his hands-on. >> i i think that is well said. you wrote this column that appeared in the "new york daily news" i found fascinating. i want you to go into some detail. let's start with the controversial imam feisal abdul-rauf his wife daisy was on the this week program here's what she said. >> we are deeply concerned because this is like a metastasized anti-semitism. that's what we feel right now. it is not even islam phobia, it is beyond, it is hate of muslims. >> sean: "time" magazine for example had on the cover, about islam phobia as well. my question is, is america islam phobic? you said you think is going to
9:38 pm
be built, that's the reason why the question whether america is is islamphobic you take issue, why? >> because it offensive. no one is going to stop this mosque from being built barring any financial difficulties, raising the funds this mosque is going to built and the law will protect these people in their pursuits. there's no one -- the issue of their legal right to build this mosque has never been an issue. it has all been about the appropriateness. we have muslims in the military. we have to muslim congressmen on capitol hill. we have 2,000 mosques across the country. we have muslims with advanced degrees. we have muslims that are doing well. muslims that are professionals, business people, doctors, lawyers, teachers, you name it. muslims are living the american dream in this country. for these muslims to say
9:39 pm
there's some type of jim crow, islamphobia taking over america is obscene and offense . >> sean: the best line in your piece was, you said the this lowsome term islamphobia is nothing more than a thought terminating cliche conceived in the bowls of muslim think tanks for the -- bowels of muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics. explain? >> you have to understand they study over movements. they study the homosexual movement and they saw the success that community had in formulating the term, homophobia. they model this term, islam phobia after that term. and they use it as a bat to beat down their critics and stifle any type of debate and to sometime me their critics. >> sean: do you do you find as
9:40 pm
i do feisal abdul-rauf america should be sharia compliant, america is an accessory to 9/11, our state department sending him on this junket. osama bin laden is made in the u.s. a. his unwillingness to condemn hamas. what is your reaction to him? i find him radical. >> all you have to do is ask him, do you condemn hamas? >> sean: he won't answer. >> that should give you a red flag that something is afoot here. >> sean: what do you think it is? >> i think that he's making a play to be the most powerful muslim leader in the muslim world. if he gets this mosque built, the muslim world will see it as a heavenly validation of the attacks of 9/11. >> sean: i an i think he's threading the needle. he doesn't have the moral courage to condemn what is obviously a terrorist group which has in its charter the destruction. state of israel.
9:41 pm
he wants it both ways. to come off as a moderate in reality if he had any moral courage he would condemn hamas. isn't that a sign, isn't that evidence of his radical imor at least appeal to some radicals? >> more than an appeal to radicals. he's going to have to get his money from the same swamp that hamas gets their money from. that hezbollah gets their money from that all of these groups get their from, from the gulf states. he can't condemn hamas. >> imam appreciate you being with us. >> thank you sean. >> sean: time to check in with greta van susteren. >> i got a quiz: what do tucker carlson, steve ward, joe trippi, byron york, geraldo and ambassador bolton all have in common? >> sean: they are all going to be on greta tonight. >> greta: that's right. >> sean: they didn't give me pink cards. >> greta: i have purple, blue,
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9:47 pm
correspondent, juan williams is here. currently serving in the u.s. army special forces and the host of shark week, which i love on the discovery channel terry schappert is back. former communications director for the republican congressional committee karen hanretty with a new hairdo is here. fareed zakaria used to write for news week now he's with cnn, -- >> he's writing for time. >> sean: okay. september 11th, was a shock to the american psyche and system. as a result we overreacted. i'm thinking, how do you get a show and be that stupid? >> unbelievable. to me government's first job is protect the american people. >> sean: three thousand people died. people diving out of the world trade center building. >> i'm trying to make sense of the argument. is he talking about civil liberties more encroachment in terms of our liberties? there was a story in the "washington post" that we have
9:48 pm
now thousands of intelligence agencies and people with secret clearance and maybe we've over done it. that's in service to the idea that we are supposed to protect the american people. there was a real murderous atrocity committed. i don't know how yougate way that. >> i also don't think too, it is also a case against big government. he also talks about the crazy bloated intelligence complexes. which is true. we did spend a lot of money on that also we were safer. we haven't been attacked. and so, overreacted it is easy to look back and say that but i don't know anybody who has lost their civil liberties. >> this is part of a bigger world view by this particular columnist and opinion writer. he does have a show on cnn. at the end of august, he did his monologue, and he actually compared -- he suggested that hamas, the terrorist organization is more religiously
9:49 pm
tolerant the professors of the ground zero mosque. you read the monologue and he makes no bones about the fact that look, hamas is in lebanon allowing this synagogue to be built. if they can do that, that it is food for thought. shouldn't we be more tolerant here? he won't acknowledge that hamas is a terrorist organization. a report doesn't believe that, it doesn't surprise me that he thinks we overreacted on 9/11. >> i just don't think it makes any sense. >> i agree. >> i'm trying. i'm here to argue with mr. hannity. the closest i can come is -- >> sean: you are right. >> no, no tissues for you tonight. [ laughing ] >> butter very right, we've
9:50 pm
over done some of the intelligence apparatus. that's about politicians being afraid that the other politician will say you are not doing enough. you are not committed to growing america. >> the only way you can say we overreacted is if you think al-qaeda is not a serious threat that terrorism is not a serious threat. i i think that attitude permeates this administration. but also perp yates a lot of liberal media. >> also a mistake to think is only about al-qaeda. it is much bigger. the guys we have taken down are not only associated with al-qaeda. >> he clearly is offended by what is going on with the mosque. he's muslim, and i know he return add award given to him by adl jewish group. he feels the fact that anybody would oppose that is evidence of bigotry. maybe that's the overreaction he's talking. >> sean: i would like him to explain why this imam can condemn hamas?
9:51 pm
why attacking america as an accessory, the victim is an accessory to the crime on 9/11. sharia law in america, is going to defend that? which would suppress rights of women and tread our constitution? >> has a voice that i think many in the media would say is a very mainstream voice. it is really radical. it is radical to say we overreacted on 9/11. radical to compare protesters of the ground zero mosque to hezbollah and say herz -- and say hezbollah is more moderate. >> sean: see this fight at the u.s. open? >> we thought you were there. you tell me you were going out. i'm saying sean is in a fight we to get him out of there. >> sean: do you think we need another stimulus bill? type in: text it in. we've got the results coming up after this break. more with our great american
9:52 pm
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. u.s. open is happening. by the way i'm predicting it is going to be -- you want my predictions? federer and nadal on the finals. on the girl's side carolyn who is playing sharapova she will be there and probably on the other side of the draw is gonna be clijsters or -- i'm not sure. any way, people get out of control at sporting events. this one kid is using all these expletives. he has money on the game. long story short, a fan fight breaks out at the u.s. open.
9:57 pm
the guy with his hands out there, he uses all these expletives. the woman turns around and slaps him in the face. at that point he sits down. we missed a slap. now this older man comes over and boom! he goes over, oh man. we missed the slap. but the woman slapped him in the face because he was using all the expletives. a lot of people are cheering the woman because the guy had no right to be cursing these people out. what should happen? should anyone get in trouble? >> you know my feelings on stun guns, right? >> sean: no. >> what is this kid a teenager? how old is he? >> sean: if he's in public, i don't know if he was drinking, cursing, there's children around. really bad. >> really disrupting it. >> sean: the woman goes boom slaps him in the face. everyone was calling for security. >> i think a father got involved in the fight.
9:58 pm
what any dad would do. i thought i was interesting. once it all started, the fans all jumped on the kid. that guy was wrong. >> every fan knew he was wrong. was the woman wrong when she slapped him in the face? >> yes. >> sean: she should have gotten a security guard. >> you know what, nfl starts this weekend, things get out of control. now they've got a system where you can text, and tell security there's a problem in this row with this seat. people are very sensitive. this hooliganism, you talk about it in soccer, it is more prevalent at nfl games. the nfl and roger goodell are taking steps. i figured were you upper class going to tennis matches, i didn't know you people -- >> that was a very high class crowd. [ talking over each other ] >> your fellow conservative here wants to stun gun you,
9:59 pm
i'm glad to hear that too. >> i think it is good to have a little stun gun handy, that's all. >> keep those guys in line. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: i am putting juan in his seat you and beckel are going down. >> that would be a good show. >> sean: as long as the guests don't have stun guns, we are fine. time to reveal results of our text message poll. we asked if you think we need another stimulus bill? 6% said yes. 93% agree with me, we don't. 1% are not sure. what do you mean you are not sure? get off the fence! by the way, we thank all of you who voted. we'll have more on that. can you imagine another stimulus bill? >> we are not having another


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